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Donations & Gifts

Please Consider Making a Tax Deductible Donation

You can help today!

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Mail your tax deductible donation to:

PO Box 225, Shingle Springs, CA. 95682

Shop On Amazon?

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By shopping and using the link below, Amazon will send a donation to

Feathered Ambassadors and Friends at no extra cost to you!

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The pandemic required all US zoological and theme parks to close. 

All our trained birds and animals were needed to return to our training facility, affectionately known as Their Sanctuary.

Since 1979 this is the first time that all of these birds and animals have been in California together.

Absent revenue from the US zoos and parks, while all birds and animals' needs remained the same,

the situation has created an extremely challenging puzzle.

While the zoos and parks work to bring their businesses back after reopening, we are working to give our birds and animals daily care, exercise, enrichment, etc.

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Your donation will help us improve their habitats, create more interactive experiences, 

and subsidize the costs of their food, vet care, husbandry team, etc.

Please help us help them and continue to give them their best life.

Any way we look at it, we're working for the animals, and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Donate: Lafeber 25 lb Parrot Food

Lafeber IMG_3316_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Donate a 25 pound container of
Lafeber Food

(pellets, nutriberries, and shipping costs for the parrots)

Each 25 pound container of Lafeber food

lasts the menagerie approximately 3 days.

$75.00 per 25 lb. container

Donate: 5 lb container of Bird of Prey Diet (food and shipping costs for the raptors/birds of prey)

Donate a 5 pound container of

Nebraska Bird of Prey Diet

(food & shipping for our raptors/birds of prey)


5 pound container of Bird of Prey food (lasts the menagerie approximately 1 day)

$90.00 per 25 lb. container

Owl and Nebraska IMG_3488.jpg

Donate: Educational Experience

Gilroy Gardens Animals with Children DSCN1440_edited.jpg


Duration: 2 - 2.5 hours

Donation for
Children's Educational Experiences.
For a maximum of 16-20 children,
with 4-5 adult chaperones.

(Maximum of 4 children per adult chaperone.)

Give the experience of In-person

Hands-on learning

with our live domestic, endangered  and exotic Animal Ambassadors.

Our passion is to share the animals we love through creating an environment where education is live, fun and interactive.

This experience provides an opportunity to share the interesting facts pertaining to

exotic, endangered and domestic animal species;

their natural behaviors and habitats;

the effects of rainforest deforestation;

engage in endangered species rehabilitation;

and see how each of us can contribute to

conservation and environmental sustainability.

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