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Leaf Stem

The Story of Feathered Ambassadors and Friends

Founded in 2004

Joe and Stephanie Carvalho, of Carvalho's Friends of a Feather, Inc., have been producing animal edutainment shows, highlighting their animals' natural and comical behaviors, for zoos and theme parks around the world since 1979.

This lifelong passion has always been deeply rooted in the care of their animals and outreach/education for children, our cherished golden generation, those who sacrifice for our country, and animal lovers. In finding a way to grow the grassroots of why they do what they do... it was important to create an avenue in order to share these programs locally. 


With the help of friends and professionals the dream of the non-profit 501(c)(3)

Feathered Ambassadors and Friends became a reality in 2004.


Through this formation they have been been able to increase the number of private and exclusive encounters since 2021 with...



Creating an environment where education is live, fun and interactive.

This provides an opportunity to share information regarding endangered and exotic animal species; their natural behaviors and habitats; the effects of rainforest deforestation; and engage in endangered species rehabilitation.

Each bird and animal is a proud representative of their species as an Educational Ambassador.

Any way we look at it... we're working for the animals and we love it!

JI Elvis King Vulture in flight 2018.jpg
Roo overlooking the valley IMG_1509.JPEG

The wilderness is calling...

and I must go.


SWO Blue and Golds in flight 12-18-2018 DSC_0412 (1).jpg
Shows - JI Edna flight IMG_8123_edited.jpg
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